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This season, we are excited to welcome visitors to H.H. Bennett Studio and Museum for general admission and the TinType Experience. See below for more information.

H.H. Bennett is now Open for General Admission | Thurs. – Sun. | 10 AM to 4 PM
Tickets available for purchase when you arrive!

The Wisconsin Historical Society is committed to prioritizing the health and safety of our guests, members, and staff. Read the information below to learn about our 2021 health and safety protocols.

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Portrait of H.H. Bennett

The Wisconsin Dells has been a destination for tourists from around the world for decades, but few people know about the man who helped make the Dells famous. H.H. Bennett Studio & Museum documents the history of the Wisconsin Dells and the life of H.H. Bennett, a Civil War soldier, photographer, and inventor whose stunning landscape photographs helped showcase the beauty of the Wisconsin Dells and the Driftless Area, attracting some of the first tourists.

The site features Bennett’s 1875 photo studio and storefront, along with a museum with engaging and interactive exhibits that explore Bennett’s life and the rich history of the Dells region. Guests can also book an appointment to get their portrait “struck” using the same tintype photography technology Bennett used over 100 years ago.

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Step back in time and experience the historic photography studio like never before! Have your portrait “struck” using the same wet plate photography method used by H.H. Bennett, in the same studio, over 100 years ago. Learn about this type of photography all while the authentic historic lens captures your one-of-a-kind image that will last a lifetime.

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HH Bennet Staff member prepares to take a photograph of two guests
Two guests experiencing the HH Bennet TinType Experience, one of the two options of experiencing this historic photography.

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Effective June 1, in accordance with current state guidelines
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  • Please practice social distancing at our historic sites and museums.
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This season, we are excited to welcome visitors to some of our historic sites & museums for general admission and special experiences. Click the button below for more information on how you can safely explore history in a new way through our 2021 programs and events.

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Leap Back in Time

Civil War soldier. Inventor. Acclaimed Photographer. Make the leap and visit the museum and studio of H.H. Bennett, the man who made the Dells famous!
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"A gem hidden in plain site."



Use our online calendar to see all the exciting events, activities, and programs happening at H.H. Bennett Studio.

Guests View the Take the Leap Exhibit



Look through a historic camera to see how the Bennett family photographed portraits.
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Step back to 1875 and experience where H. H. Bennett and his family ran their photography business and sold various merchandise.
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“George H. Houghton: Civil War Cameraman Exhibition” will showcase many of Houghton’s Civil War Images while delving deep into what photography and a soldier’s life was like during that time period.
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Begin planning your trip today! Tickets, Hours, Directions and more.
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