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H.H. Bennett Studio offers Bennett’s best-known photographs.

Leaping the Chasm at Stand Rock, WHS Image ID 2101. Item Number 15 in the H.H. Bennett photo brochure.

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All prints by the H.H. Bennett Studio are reproduced by hand with high-quality surrogate negatives made from Bennett’s original glass-plate negatives. Each image is printed on fiber-based paper and mounted on museum-quality white mat board. H.H. Bennett’s signature in gold leaf adorns the mat.


Print sizes and prices

8×10-inch print on 11×14-inch mat $49.99
11×14-inch print on 16×20-inch mat $79.99
16×20-inch print on 20×24-inch mat $149.99
20×24-inch print on 22×28-inch mat $199.99

Packaging and Priority US Mail Postage

8×10 and 11×14 prints $10 for the first print (add $4 for each additional print)
16×20 and 20×24 prints $15 for the first print (add $6 for each additional print)

Payment methods

  • Visa or MasterCard
  • Personal checks accepted for mail
    orders only

How to order

Find photos for purchase in our online gallery or the H.H. Bennett photo brochure*. Select the print you’d like to order and cite the item number. Item numbers can be found in each photo’s caption.

Next, print and fill out an order form. You may use the form in the brochure or use our printable order form. You may mail, telephone or fax the completed form to:
H.H. Bennett Studio

Send an email (Please do not include credit card information in email inquiries.)

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Other Bennett Photographs Available

In addition to the handmade signature prints available from the H.H. Bennett Studio, you can also view more than 1,000 Bennett images on the Wisconsin Historical Society’s website. In addition to what’s available online, the Society holds an extensive collection of H.H. Bennett’s original records and photographs. For more information, email the Society’s Archives.

*Prices in the brochure may be incorrect. For accurate price points, refer to the Print sizes and prices on the left or the printable order form.