Hands-on Stereo Photographs

A field trip participant enjoys H.H. Bennett's original stereoviewer.

Hand-held stereoscopes were all the rage in Victorian parlors to view the scenic wonders of H.H. Bennett's Dells of the Wisconsin River. The entrepreneurial Bennett did not let the popularity of stereo viewers and stereo photography pass him by. He produced thousands of eye-popping stereo photographs, mounted on cards emblazoned with the name of his studio. These were sold nationwide by agents and through catalogs. Students will be able to:

  • Learn about the life and artistry of Henry Hamilton Bennett
  • Discover the history and beauty of the Dells of the Wisconsin River
  • Appreciate the Ho-Chunk people
  • View original stereoviews in a stereoscope
  • Find out how tourism began in Wisconsin Dells
  • Tour Bennett's 1875 photography studio
  • See Bennett's stereoscopic images on high speed computers in 3-D
  • Jump to Stand Rock - just as 17-year-old Ashley Bennett did in 1886