Hi-Tech 3-D Imaging

Visitors enjoy viewing Bennett's stereo photographs with LCD spectacles that use the same space-age technology designed for the Mars Pathfinder project.
Explore Eye-Popping Images with Hi-Tech 3-D Imaging

H. H. Bennett produced thousands of eye-popping stereo photographs, mounted on cards emblazoned with the name of his studio, and sold them nationwide.

The studio's digital imaging exhibit uses new glasses-free technology that utilizes auto-stereoscopic 3D screens to show a collection of Bennett's best stereo images. Interactive touchscreen monitors allow our visitors to select one of the three-dimensional images and view it in 3D at an instant - without requiring cumbersome eyewear.

The 3D stations are one of only a handful in the United States and are the only ones in the country being used to view stereo view images.